If Level Five, originally released in , could be reduced to essentials, the pungent, bracing ingredients of its perfect Crème de la Chris Marker recipe would . Documentary Directed by Chris Marker. Level Five Poster .. Many will find the film 'hard going', but it's rare that you will find a film with a sub-plot as potent.

Level Five is a French film, directed by the media artist Chris Marker, starring Catherine Belkhodja as the only human actor within a virtual reality world .

15 Aug The late French filmmaker Chris Marker, who died in at the age of 91, His movie “Level Five” is only now getting a release in the. 14 Aug Level Five” is a cerebral science-fiction adventure made in by the Scenes from Chris Marker's "Level Five," a film receiving its first. 18 Aug Review: Chris Marker's 'Level Five' Displays The Work Of A Mastermind Theorist. Like most of Marker's films, plot is intangible in “Level Five.